Command link plus

Command link plus from Yamaha. These days many of the newer chartplotters and navigation displays can also be used for displaying engine data. This data can look pretty cool and via NMEA protocol engine data like RPM, temperature, fuel burn etc can be displayed conveniently at the helm station. Traditional engine displays do not have the pizzazz of these display monitors.

Now Yamaha has come out with a display that can compete with the graphics of fancier displays. The 5 inch high resolution LCD display has a cool nighttime setup with yellow numbers with blue indicator levels that aid nighttime reading.

Command link plus is a complete system which can be used on new Yamaha engines. The system includes the displays, engine throttle shift, start stop, and the Y-COP immobilizer.

The display has several options for information shown. You can have up to 3 outboards with all the data on one display. Data like Speed, RPMs, fuel flow and economy and one engine function, such as battery or oil. The menu screen allows you to switch between analogue and digital, as well as change number and background colors.

Part of the new command Link plus system is the Yamaha theft prevention system. Called YCOP–Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection security system it uses a key fob to replaces the ignition key. The engine waits for signals from the key fob. When the fob sends a disable signal starting is disabled.

If you want more than the engine data the display can handle other boat information like water and holding tank levels. The new command Link plus gives you all the data you need on a easy to read and dedicated display.

Yamaha’s Description Command Link Plus

Yamaha is proud to announce the new Command Link Plus rigging system and components. With more convenience, flexibility, and information than ever before, Command Link Plus represents the absolute leading edge of Yamaha rigging technology. All with the level of innovation and reliability you’ve come to expect from Yamaha. Welcome aboard!

Compatible only with Yamaha’s new Command Link Plus rigging system, it features a 5” full-color, high-resolution LCD display that can be configured to display multiple combinations of information and appearance based on operator preference both for the outboard(s) and critical systems on the boat.

This means the boat’s operator can, at a glance, easily and quickly view vital statistics. There’s even a special screen to set and monitor Yamaha’s Variable Trolling RPM mode.

Information about power, is power.

<=”” screen=”” combo=”” engine=””> Used in single-outboard applications, the selectable “combo” screen displays critical systems information, including: gear selected, engine RPM, boat speed, engine trim level, available fuel in gallons, fuel level (up to 4 tanks), fuel flow, fuel economy, and up to three vital engine functions that are user-selectable (i.e. oil pressure, water pressure and battery voltage) in an easy-to-read bar graph.
TWIN ENGINE COMBO SCREEN Command Link Plus displays can easily show much the same information for both engines simultaneously. In a twin-outboard configuration, the display can be configured to show fuel flow for each individual outboard and/or their total fuel flow, total fuel economy, and a choice of two engine functions for each outboard (i.e. water temperature and water pressure). For quad outboards, simply use two gauges.


Critical data from up to three Yamaha outboards can be read simultaneously on a single Command Link Plus display. In the combination configuration, the majority of information displayed on the single combo gauge appears, such as one engine function per outboard (i.e. battery voltage), combined and/or individual outboard fuel flow, as well as combined fuel economy.

MENU SCREEN Used to configure the screen appearance and the information displayed. Here is a simple chart to show the user-configurable main menu options.

Settings • Logs • Alarms • Alternate Screen Views Display • Brightness • Tone • Depth Alarm • Clock • Units of Measure • Initial Display Options • Calibration (Fuel Flow) Color • Favorites • Color • Mfg./Dir Set

BOAT SCREEN Want to know more about boat system statistics? A quick change of screens shows you available fuel, fuel level (up to 4 tanks), total fuel flow, fuel economy, and gallons used at a glance. It also shows trip distance, water depth, and water temperature at the surface.


Yamaha Command Link Plus Displays give the user the opportunity to change the look of the screen. Choose between a digital or “analog” look, with a choice of background color and also the color of the characters. There’s a multitude of options, so you can change the look to best suit your individual preferences.

TANK SCREEN Today’s modern boats have any number of tanks, be they fuel, fresh water, waste, even generator fuel. With the Command Link Plus display, you can easily monitor the level of up to 4 of them (provided they each have a fluid-level sending unit), using both an easy-to-read bar graph and a percentage-of-full indication. The Menu screen permits the operator to choose how each tank is labeled, for quick and accurate reference.


All that information can only help you if you can see it, so Command Link Plus displays offer 5 levels of backlight to allow the operator visual flexibility for the conditions at hand. They can also be easily switched to a “night” mode, which changes the background and display colors, for easy viewing when the sun goes down. In applications where more than one display is used, all display light levels and those on the Command Link Plus Remote Control can be “synched”, so that changing one changes them all.