Fender Step

Fender Step. The Fenderstep is a well thought out boarding step. What’s unique about the FenderStep is that its dual purpose. Dual purpose means fewer items to take up hard found storage space. So you can use FenderStep as a fender, but when you have the need you can also use it for boarding.

There are several applications and see the bow application. The top of the step is hung from the bow, while the bottom attachment point is tied to the dock to stop the fenderstep from moving.

When used as a step on the hull side the FenderStep’s volume makes the step wide enough for a foot to plant on and not push against the hull. The fenderstep’s fender qualities means the step does not damage the hull.

FenderStep™ is the original patented PVC boarding step, now is joined by Fender2step™ with an extra step for high topsides or small people.

Easy to rig at any time, and importantly, BEFORE, entering a Marina, allowing the crew to safely and easily step ashore onto the pontoon, without resorting to leaping!

Manufacturers Specifications

Construction: FenderStep and Fender2step are made from very strong marine grade PVC integrally moulded to our solid rope holds

FenderStep and Fender2step use high grade metal valves with protective dirt/salt screw caps integrated within the rope holds

Every FenderStep and Fender2step is immersion tested prior to despatch, to ensure that each one is leak free and air-tight

Fender step Specifications:

Inflation pressure: 2 psi / 0.15 bar at 20ºC / 68ºF Max load: 100 kg / 225 lbs Eye diameter: 18mm Standard Colours: White & Blue & Navy Blue Optional Colours: Black & Grey

FenderStep Height: 400 mm Width: 400 mm Depth: 205 mm Weight: 2.0 kg

Fender2step Height: 560 mm Width: 450 mm Depth: 180 mm

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