Refleks Diesel Heater

Refleks diesel heater made in Denmark.

These heaters are used by Fishing boats as they are rugged, reliable and only need diesel fuel. We also know Skip Noval uses one in his Pelagic Southern Ocean expedition Yacht as its simplicity and multiple uses make sense.

The advantages of this heater is it can heat the cabin, provide hot water and be used for cooking. You can ad coils for heating registers which can be installed in each cabin for good heat distribution. All you need to power the Refleks is Diesel, no electrical power is required.

REFLEKS oil heater 62MKS

reflek oil heater 62 MKS

Manufacturers Description

The effective stove for the boat heating. An oil stove which in all details is characterized by solid preparation and solid safety of working.

Type 62MSK – Same stove as 62M, but with cooking plate, boil stand and copper coil for central heating.

Proven fuel stove with copper heating coil for attachment of heaters and ground cast iron cooking plate and surrounding rim (80 mm). For small boats or cabins.

Model 62 MKS.

Total heat output: 2.4 kW (2100 kcal/h) Warm-water output: 1.6 kW Warm-air output: 0.8 kW Fuel consumption: min. / max. 0.12 / 0.36 l/h Weight: 8 kg For room sizes of approx. 21 – 35 m.sq.

REFLEKS ships’ ovens and stoves have been developed specially for shipping. They and their accessories are made of rust-free stainless steel; in exhaust areas, acid-proof stainless steel. The burner shells are made of precision steel.

All stoves are equipped with a proven ship’s fuel regulator, which ensures the trouble-free function of the stove at heeling angles of up to 15°C and a high level of reliability. More than 100,000 REFLEKS stoves have proven themselves worldwide for decades aboard fishing and other vessels in Scandinavia. They require no electrical connection, are easy to install, work totally odor-free and give off a cozy warmth.

Benefits of Refleks Diesel Heater

Positives; The Refleks is a simple piece of gear No electrical parts The Refleks is a heater and stove The Refleks heater has perfect combustion Does not smell of diesel or smoke Turned up it will boil a kettle in just a few minutes Turned down it will nicely simmer.

Negatives; Heat is not constant and takes some effort to get going. Having said that many of these heaters are left running 24/7

Refleks Diesel Heater Installation

You will need to provide protection for the chimneys on a sailboat

Example of Reflek Installation click here

After doing a lot of research I what kind of heater we needed on the Far Reach I decided on the Refleks Model 66MK. It has a superb reputation for reliability and heat output. The cast iron top and 90 degree elbow is supposed to increase the amount of heat that it radiates. I had it made to operate off of kerosene since I don’t plan to carry any diesel fuel. Propane heater are convenient and put out a lot of heat but they use way to much fuel.

I initially thought I would get a larger model but it wouldn’t fit in the space I had and then I received an email from Beth Leonard who suggested the model 66 would be a very good size for our boat. That piece of advice solved a lot of problems.

Manufacturers Contact

Refleks Web Site

Hamiton Marine in Maine is the US dealer